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Diamond Aircraft expands and builds new production facility

Due to the extremely high demand*) worldwide for the twin-engine aircraft DA42 Twin Star and the single-engine D-JET already in development, Diamond Aircraft has decided to build a new fiberglass and carbon fiber production facility in Wiener Neustadt.

The newly formed company Diamond Composite will produce up to 400 aircraft per year in its facility next to the company site at the airport in Wiener Neustadt-Ost. The size of the new facility is 10,900 m2 and will employ approx. 230 people. The products made in this facility will then flow down the production chain to the existing factory in Wiener Neustadt and to the branch facility in London, Ontario, Canada.

This operational expansion will result in a total production capacity worldwide of up to 800 aircraft per year. The expanding development and production capacities will enable further development orders to be undertaken in the area of composites. This will help the company to better position itself in the world market and move it forwards towards a leading role in general aviation.

The close and prospering cooperation between the Government of Lower Austria, the city of Wiener Neustadt and Diamond Aircraft Industries, which has brought about a successful alliance between labor and research, is reinforced with the laying of this foundation stone today.

Diamond Aircraft Industries is the only Austrian aircraft manufacturer. It currently has 190 employees in Wiener Neustadt. Diamond Aircraft Industries is developing into the largest private employer in the Wiener Neustadt region. By the end of the expansion phase, the company will employ worldwide over 700 people.

*) The DA42 Twin Star is the first new twin-engine aircraft in its class in over 35 years. The D-JET is the first aircraft with a turbine engine built in Austria. Astronomical avgas prices and limited availability in many European countries prompted Diamond Aircraft Industries to consider new powering concepts.

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