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Diamond Aircraft in China

Beijing PanAm starts commercial flight training with all glass DA40 Diamond Stars

Diamond has received Chinese certification for its DA20 two seater and DA40 four seater. The DA20-C1 received its CAAC certification in July 2004 and the DA40, both Lycoming and TAE turbo-diesel powered versions, in November 2004. Diamond has purchase agreements for fleet sales of both aircraft models with several Chinese customers. The first DA40 Diamond Stars will arrive in Beijing early December, for integration into Beijing PanAm International Aviation Academy's Commercial Pilot Training Program. 

"We anticipate the growing Chinese aviation market to potentially become a very significant portion of our future business", said Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft. "This initial contract with Beijing PanAm is significant in that it is the first introduction of state of the art composite aircraft with all glass cockpits to China. These initial deliveries are the tip of the iceberg and we expect to make additional exciting announcements regarding Diamond Aircraft and China, in the very
near future.

Beijing PanAm is the first independant commercial flight training facility to operate in China. PanAm Beijing has placed firm orders for a total of 60 aircraft over 3 years, including 41 DA40 Diamond Stars and 19 DA42 Twin Stars, both featuring Garmin G1000 all glass cockpits. The initial delivery of 10 DA40's will be completed by January 2005, with the first 4 aircraft arriving in Beijing early December 2004.

"Our first class of students has already graduated from specialized English language training and are now in ground school. First flying lessons are scheduled to start before the end of the year", said Li Zhiyun, Director of Beijing Pan Am International Aviation Academy, "it has been a long process and it has taken much work to come this far and we are particularily thankful for the excellent support we have received from the CAAC, all levels of government, and our partners, in supporting this venture. To Beijing PanAm it was clear that state of the art flight training would require state of the art aircraft with modern instrumentation. Diamond is able to deliver this in both single and twin engine versions and has been very cooperative and proactive in achieving the necessary approvals and providing the necessary specialized training and support."

Diamond Aircraft offers a full line of modern all composite training, personal and business aircraft, including 2 seat and 4 seat singles and 4 seat twins. Diamond offers both conventional powerplant and avionics equipment, as well as the latest in all glass cockpit and turbo-diesel powerplant technology.

For further information on Diamond Aircraft please contact:  

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For further information on PanAm Beijing:

Beijing Pan Am International
Aviation Academy
Mr. Li Zhiyun
2-B, Beijing International Aviation Club
200 Airport Access Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015
+86 (10) 64592146
+86 135 11088117
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