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Diamond Aircraft Industries offers customized Ground Station Solutions

Diamond Aircraft has taken its special mission turnkey solution concept to the next level. The company offers a range of customized ground stations for existing and potential customers.

With more than 100 MPPs flying all around the world, the specialists at Diamond Aircraft Austria saw the need of its customers for easy deployable and reasonable solutions for time-critical decision-making. Hence, Diamond’s engineers developed a series of ground stations, which can be adapted according to the customer’s mission needs - from handhelds to container solutions.

The ground command station’s main capabilities are highly related with the DA42 MPP airborne platform. Standard functions of each variant, amongst others are live video transmission from the airborne platform to the ground station(s) via different datalinks including META data, voice communications, mission planning and moving map, video management as well as secured connectivity with organizations’ headquarters.

Markus Fischer, Sales Director Special Mission Aircraft, Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH: „To provide high sufficient and most economical airplanes is an important but just a part of the overall package required by governmental organizations. Therefore, Diamond decided to widen its scope of product spectrum with various ground stations. From very flexible compact ground stations, to container variants, vehicle installation or complete build in headquarters. Independent to the design of the ground station.”

Nikolaos T. Mavrikis, Technical Manager Special Mission Department, Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH states: “All of the GCS variants are intended to provide ground operators with 24/7 non-stress operations.”

Diamond Aircraft’s MPP mission turnkey solutions comprise the cost-efficient fixed wing remote sensing platform DA42 MPP, airborne sensors, data-links, ground stations, spare parts, tooling, transport as well as the corresponding pilot, operator and maintenance training.

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