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Diamond Aircraft Introduces Jet-Fuel Powered DA40 Tundra At NBAA 2015

The freedom of backcountry flying is one of the most rewarding and pleasurable flying pursuits. Diamond is opening up new possibilities with the 4 seat DA40 TUNDRA. The spacious 4 seat cabin with folding rear seat backs, large forward opening canopy and huge rear door, offers the optimum in loading flexibility. Fly fishing rods, guns, tents, skis, snowshoes, even mountain bikes, and plenty more gear, all fit the DA40 easily.

The DA40 TUNDRA blends rugged back country versatility with excellent cross country speed, comfort and ultra low fuel consumption.

The rugged all composite airframe offers excellent resistance to bumps and scrapes and stands up well in any environment. Reinforced landing gear attachments, standard Beringer wheels wearing meaty 22 inch 8.50 x 6 mains, and a special long stroke hydraulic damper, controlling the extra heavy duty extended nose gear strut, soak up rough terrain with ease.

Backcountry flying is about the views and few aircraft match the panoramic vistas that the DA40’s one piece forward opening canopy and forward seating position provide. Best of all, with seats for four, you can now share your passion for the outdoors with family and friends.

The DA40 TUNDRA is powered by the very special Austro AE300 jet-fuel piston engine. It starts easily under all conditions, hot and cold alike, sips less than four gph of jet-fuel at loiter speeds, and offers sprightly climbs thanks to turbocharging that maintains full power to 14,000’. The single power lever and redundant digital engine control offer ultimate reliability and ease of operation. High crosswind capability, centre stick and precise handling make the DA40 a joy to fly into challenging terrain.

GARMIN’s G1000 with GFC700 autopilot with Electronic Stability and Protection and Synthetic Vision Technology offer superior situational awareness, convenience and safety, regardless how far you venture from the beaten track.

The DA40 TUNDRA – beauty and beast in one and a new way to explore.

The entire Diamond range is distributed and supported in the USA and Canada by Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. (Canada) at <link http:>

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