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Diamond Aircraft presents new airborne environmental surveillance version of the DA62 MPP at Paris Airshow 2023

- For the first time presented at an international airshow
- Affordable, flexible solution for all kinds of environmental surveillance
- Registrations for presentation at Paris Airshow & demonstration at Diamond’s HQ in Austria

Diamond Aircraft proudly announces that it will offer a variant of its flagship special mission aircraft DA62 MPP for environmental surveillance missions. The new turnkey solution, designated DA62 MPP VANGUARD will make its debut at an international event, the Paris Airshow from 19 – 25 June in Le Bourget (France) and will also be on display at the Multi Mission Expo in Sywell (UK) from 8 - 10 June. For the first time Diamond Aircraft, together with Overwatch Imaging and Trakka Systems, proofed a multi mission sensor mix on the DA62 MPP: It will be outfitted with the AI-driven WAMI (wide-area, multi-domain mapping and ISR) sensor TK-8 from Overwatch Imaging, ARTEMIS (Mobile Phone Detection, Location & Communication System) from Smith Myers and the EO/IR (electro-optical, infrared) camera TC300 from Trakka Systems.

The DA62 MPP VANGUARD’s unique configuration is targeted at customers who have a requirement for affordable airborne environmental surveillance solution with low operating costs that can be flexibly used for various missions. Perfectly suited for applications such as automated fire mapping, vegetation analyses, flood mapping, wildlife monitoring, oil spill mapping, 3D modeling and many other missions, like border security or search and rescue.

With the TK-8 five spectral bands (RGB, NIR, SWIR, LWIR and MWIR), this new Diamond Aircraft special mission turnkey solution can detect anomalies, interpret them through its AI control, and deliver the results to the operator in the aircraft or to the decision makers on the ground – all in real time. Thus, in acutely dangerous situations involving forest fires, fire sources and fire histories can be analyzed and fed into GIS systems to provide critical information to prevent worse. It can also be used to monitor forest health for proactive prevention or as a coordinator aircraft with wildfire intelligence capabilities. Advanced software means that not only wildfire missions can be flown, also Change Detection and Search and Rescue Missions make the VANGUARD a versatile civil-protection aircraft.

“We’re honored to be selected by Diamond Aircraft to support the Vanguard configuration of the impressive DA62MPP,” said Greg Davis, founder and CEO of Overwatch Imaging.  “Overwatch Imaging has a proven track record supporting time-critical detection and monitoring roles for users who depend on accurate, timely and automated airborne intelligence for missions that matter around the world.  We’re proud to continue that tradition in partnership with Diamond Aircraft and its customers.”

The TK-8 covers a large area to solve a common problem as human-intensive imaging systems require highly trained and alert observers who are tasked with locating small objects of interest in vast and challenging environments. This manual method of airborne searching can be inefficient, ineffective, labor-intensive, and time consuming. The Trakka TC300 has a 360° field of view. This allows the operator to have a closer look at the situation on the ground.

"Having worked closely with the amazing team at Diamond Aircraft for some years now, we were excited to be invited to be part of the VANGAURD configuration on the exceptional DA62MPP,” said Andrew Munro, Managing Director of Smith Myers.  “Our award winning ARTEMIS mobile phone detection, location and communication sensor will be fully integrated and will offer enhanced situational awareness for the DA62 VANGUARD.  We are honoured to be part of such an illustrious team.”

Adam Boniecki, Business Development: “Trakka Systems is proud to be a partner of Diamond Aircraft and excited to support the monitoring of global environmental changes. The TC-300 allows for easy integration with other mission critical systems, like the Overwatch system and other A.I. technologies in this vein. These partnerships strive to bring cutting edge solutions that represent just a glimpse of the ongoing advancement in airborne surveillance.”

Interested in a DA62 MPP VANGUARD demonstration?
Diamond Aircraft is offering the exclusive opportunity for an on-site visit of the DA62 MPP VANGUARD at the Paris Air Show from 19 – 23 June (outdoor display #A6) or at Diamond Aircraft’s headquarters in Wiener Neustadt (Austria) in July and August. Please contact the team at  

About the DA62 MPP
The Diamond Aircraft DA62MPP (Multipurpose Platform) is a modern twin-engine aircraft designed for a variety of specialized missions. With a range of over 1,000 nautical miles, the DA62MPP can stay airborne for extended periods, allowing it to conduct surveillance and monitoring operations over large areas without the need for frequent refueling. Compared to larger, more expensive aircraft, the DA62MPP is a cost-effective solution for these missions - with a fuel burn of approximately 9 gal per hour, operating costs are extremely low, especially in environmental monitoring where CO2 is a major concern. To learn more about the DA62 MPP capabilities, please visit:

About Diamond Aircraft’s Special Mission Concept
Like no other special mission aircraft supplier, Diamond Aircraft has taken its special mission concept into a 360° turnkey solution: one single point of contact. The special mission turnkey solutions comprise a cost-efficient fixed wing remote sensing Diamond Aircraft platform, airborne sensors, data-links, ground stations, global support, spare parts, tooling, transport as well as the corresponding pilot, operator and maintenance training. To find out more, please visit:

About Trakka
At Trakka Systems, we design, manufacture, and deliver sophisticated high-intensity searchlights, gyro-stabilized camera systems, and optical technologies that see, save and protect, in the air, on land, and at sea. Our leading-edge, high-quality products provide active and passive critical vision solutions for a wide range of missions that include Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Border Security, Military Force Protection & C4ISR, Emergency Medical Services, Utility Inspection, and Environmental Surveys. Wherever you are, whatever your mission, we have the critical vision technologies that ensure your success.

About Smith Myers
Smith Myers, a multi-award winning UK company, offers a suite of ARTEMIS Mobile Phone Detection, Location & Communication Systems that have been in active service saving lives on SAR missions and during natural disasters around the world.  The growing global customer base includes major programmes in Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East.  

About Overwatch Imaging
Overwatch Imaging develops software-forward airborne imaging solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies in computer vision, GPU processing, Artificial Intelligence, and sensor fusion to automate critical tasks of sensor operation and data processing, interpretation, and delivery for wide-area search, ISR, and mapping missions.

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