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Diamond Aircraft secures contract with Greek Government for three DA62 Special Mission Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft has recently signed a significant contract for the supply of three DA62 MPP aerial surveillance aircraft for the Greek Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection. These aircraft will be used for firefighting and search & rescue operations as air operations centers and for aerial surveillance, using up to date electro-optical systems, a cell phone localization system and various datalinks, enhancing Greece’s capability to manage and responds to emergencies efficiently.

The comprehensive contract includes not only three DA62 MPP special mission aircraft but also ground stations, training, spare parts, and follow-on support. Each aircraft will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology tailored to the needs of aerial surveillance and emergency response missions. The configuration will include:

  • Trakka TC-375 EO/IR Camera: Providing high-resolution imaging for effective monitoring and identification.
  • Smith & Myers ARTEMIS Cell Phone Localization System: Enhancing search and rescue operations by pinpointing the location of mobile devices.
  • CarteNav AIMS-ISR Mission Management System: Facilitating efficient mission planning and execution.
  • Beyond Line-of-Sight Datalink for near real-time data transmission from and to the aircraft.
  • 4G/5G Data Link: Ensuring real-time communication and data transfer.
  • Maritime VHF Radio: Supporting maritime communication for comprehensive coverage during operations.

“This contract marks a significant milestone in our special mission aircraft department”, said Mario Spiegel, Sales Manager Diamond Special Misson Aircraft. “The DA62 MPP is designed to deliver exceptional performance in demanding environments, and we are confident that these aircraft will greatly enhance Greece’s firefighting and search & rescue capabilities. We are committed to providing comprehensive support to ensure the success of their critical missions.”

Diamond Aircraft looks forward to delivering these advanced aircraft and supporting Greece in its efforts to protect its citizens and natural resources. Delivery of the three DA62 MPP special mission aircraft is scheduled to be completed by the end of Q3/2025.

Diamond Aircraft representative NATER TECHNION LTD, Sokratis Georganteas, and ATESE SA, Prime contractor, made a strong effort to materialize this project from initial demo flights in November 2022 to materialization in April 2024.

“It is a great honor and a significant privilege for our company ATESE S.A. as the Prime Contractor of the project to cooperate with the internationally renowned company Diamond Aircraft Industries. Undertaking a project which aims at protecting our country Greece from the effects of fire, makes fills us with pride and responsibility. ATESE S.A. is committed to giving its best for a great result”, said Tasos Kotronis, VP Business Development Group.


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