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Diamond Aircraft Single Jet - A class of its own

Imagine an aircraft of 4,700 pounds Maximum Takeoff Weight, able to carry five people up to 25,000 feet, with a cabin altitude of 8,000 feet and a speed of 315 kts. Its short field performance allows operations from 2,000 feet runways and it reaches cruising altitude in about eight minutes.

The powerplant will be selected on the basis of proven technology and demonstrated reliability. The pilot will be provided with flight information from a state of the art glass cockpit. This aircraft impresses with low fuel consumption (34 gph) and low noise level.

Diamond Aircraft Industries has decided to build this aircraft. The D-JET will perform its maiden flight in mid-2004 with initial deliveries planned for early 2006. Projected price will be well under US$ 1 Million. Further details, including ordering information, will be released in the near future.

for further information contact:
Michael Feinig
Tel: +43-2622-26700-30
Fax: +43-2622-26780
E-Mail: <link>


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