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Diamond Aircraft: Successful start into 2011

28 aircraft have been delivered to various countries within the first weeks of the year, including 14 special mission aircraft for environment and border surveillance.

Diamonds multi purpose platform, DA42 MPP GUARDIAN, is an aircraft equipped with high-performance cameras that can be used for environmental monitoring or border control. The aircraft is f.e. able to identify a single person from a distance of 3 km.

Also flight schools from Ehtiopia (Ehtiopian Airlines), Saudi Arabia (Saudi Aviation Flight Academy) und Russia (Rosavia) were pleased to receive the new training aircraft DA42 NG and DA40 NG - as well as the president from Tatarstan, an autonomous Russian republic.

All aircraft are equipped with Austro Engines AE300, fully manufactured in Wiener Neustadt (Austria). 

For the year 2011 the company plans to deliver another 40 multi purpose platforms worldwide.

Anita Lentsch (nee Kohlweg)
Diamond Airborne Sensing GmbH
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