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Diamond Aircraft’s DA42-VI gains EASA approval for Garmin’s GWX 68 weather radar and GSR 56 satellite data receiver

The DA42-VI, already certified for bad weather conditions, is now available with a fully integrated and EASA approved Garmin GWX 68 weather radar.

Diamond Aircraft succeeded in developing a production method which allows installing the weather radar in the aircraft’s nose without changing the shape of it. Furthermore this special nose protects the radar and the aircraft’s avionics from interferences.

The GWX 68 detects storm tops, gradients and cell build-up activity at various altitudes, clearly displayed on the G1000 Multi Funcional Display (MFD) in the cockpit. This is the most precise technique to avoid bad weather and therefore standard in every airliner.

An additional GSR 56 Satellite Data Receiver gives the pilot safety-enhancing benefits of on-demand satellite weather including text and voice communications through the Iridium satellite network.

With the new weather radar, Diamond Aircraft responded to a long-time customer request and helps to provide a safe and comfortable flight for pilot and passengers.

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