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Diamond Aircraft’s special mission platform DA42 MPP supports Olympic Games in London

A fixed wing remote sensing platform from the Austrian manufacturer Diamond Aircraft, the DA42 MPP GUARDIAN, is conducting vital surveillance missions throughout the 2012 London Olympic Games.Because of increased security needs during the Games British organizations had to assign third party companies with observation contracts to ensure airborne security tasks.Equipped with a FLIR Systems electro-optical infrared camera, secure data links and specialist communications, the Diamond Aircraft will be patrolling the skies over London for event protection.With ground breaking fuel efficient diesel engines from Austro Engine, coupled with the lowest CO2 emissions for any aircraft in this role, the aircraft is able to stay airborne nonstop for more than 8 hours per mission.The MPP has demonstrated it is the perfect complement to traditional Police helicopter platforms, and can add substantial capability at a fraction of the operating costs of traditional platforms.The aircraft was already several times in use for the same purpose during the Austrian “Donauinselfest” which is a big outdoor music festival taking place every year in Vienna.Contact:
Anita Lentsch, BA

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