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Diamond D-JET flight test envelope expansion

Following the initial flight test series in late April, Diamond’s D-JET resumed flight testing after installation of its data acquisition system and minor planned modifications to the inlet engine fairings.In a series of flight tests conducted from June 26th through June 30th, the speed and altitude envelope was progressively expanded from the previously flown 170 kts and 12,000’.The latest flight, flown by pilots Christian Dries and Anthony Brown, on June 30th, expanded the cruise speed to 280+ ktas and altitude to the design certification limit of 25,000’.“We are very pleased to have expanded the envelope in such a short time. The aircraft is a joy to fly, smooth, very stable and with all systems functioning perfectly, said CEO Christian Dries. “The aircraft is doing everything we are expecting of it. The more time I spend in it, the more I am convinced that the aircraft will be an absolute sensation. The blend of exceptional comfort with real world performance is sure to appeal to many current piston pilots, as well as established turboprop and light jet owners.Diamond is preparing the flight test aircraft and full fuselage and interior mock-up for display at Diamond Fest on July 15th/16thand EAA Airventure 2006 one week later. The D-JET is a 5 place luxury personal jet, powered by the FADEC controlled Williams FJ33 turbine and equipped with Garmin all glass flight deck and autopilot. Diamond offers the most comprehensive range of modern GA aircraft, including the 2 place DA20, the 4 place single DA40DiamondStar, the twin engine DA42 Twin Star and now the ultimate personal aircraft, the D-JET.

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