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Diamond DA50 Super Star made its maiden flight

On April 4th, 2007, less than one year after the first flight of the D-JET, the single-engine aircraft DA50 Super Star with an MTOW of 1,660 kg (3,670 lbs) flew for the very first time in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Christian Dries, CEO and owner of Diamond Aircraft flew the aircraft as pilot in command. Also on board was Soeren Pedersen director of Sales, as chief test pilot.
The Diamond DA50 Super Star is equipped with Teledyne Continental TSIOF - 550J engine 350+ HP, FADEC controlled with twin turbo charger.
Dries stated that he is proud that Manfred Zipper and his team made the DA50 Super Star a reality in less than 11 months from the idea to the maiden flight. He added "The DA50 Super Star will become a big hit with 350 HP big bore and with variations of turbo-charged diesel engines. I have a team that is unmatched in general aviation manufacturing. I know that they design and build the safest aircraft in the world."
April 5th, the aircraft will be handed over to the flight test department. We expect production start not later than January 2008.

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