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Diamond FlyIn - Pecs, Hungary in June 2007

Diamond Aircraft Industries is arranging the Diamond Fly-In at the airport Pecs, Pogany (LHPP) in Hungary from June 23 to June 24, 2007.

There are already more than 3.500 aircrafts from Diamond Aircraft Industries in use worldwide.
Attention pilots of Diamond aircrafts!!!
This exceptional event offers you an excellent platform with the opportunity to get to know other pilots, share experiences and broaden the Diamond community. State-of-the-art aircrafts (new airframes, new avionics, new engines) get together in a upscale ambiance embedded in a wonderful incentive program. Furthermore there are attractive prizes to be won, for example the longest approach, the earliest year of construction, and many more.  Pecs, the Capital of Culture 2010, that also received the 1998 UNESCO award „Cities for peace“, provides a unique framework for this event.

Would you like to have more information or sign up immediately:
You can find further information under: <link events.html>
Contact: Bernhard Gruber +43 2622 26700-483 <link>

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