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Diamond motorglider to fly with fuel cell powerplant

Boeing researchers and industry partners, including Diamond Aircraft, plan to conduct experimental flight tests this year of a manned airplane powered only by a fuel cell and lightweight batteries, in an effort to develop environmentally progressive technologies for aerospace applications. Technical innovation comes from research and development. Diamond Aircraft has always been a leader in general aviation innovation, producing certified all composite aircraft since 1981, launching the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, flying the first true modern certified personal light jet, and introducing modern powerplant technology to GA.
"With regards to powerplants, Diamond Aircraft introduced the Rotax 912 in our 2 seaters in 1990, and pioneered the application of turbo-diesel engines in our DA40-TDI and DA42," said Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft. "It was therefore only natural for us to participate in this very innovative fuel cell demonstrator project that could open the possibilities to alternative energy and clean emission powerplants for future generations of GA aircraft."
Diamond Aircraft offers the most comprehensive range of modern GA aircraft, including the 2 place DA20, the 4 place single DA40 Diamond Star, the twin turbo diesel engine DA42 Twin Star, and the D-JET, a 5 place luxury personal jet aircraft. For further information on Diamond Aircraft, visit <link http:>
For further information on the fuel cell powerplant program visit <link http: news releases q1>

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