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Diamond’s DA40 is Aero News Network’s „Plane Of The Year 2012”

Diamond Aircraft is proud to announce that yet another of its aircraft is an Aero News Network “Plane Of The Year”.

Aero News Network (ANN) stated online on the 3rd of January 2013: “The Diamond Aircraft DA40 XLS -- an outstanding GA airplane with one of the most impressive safety records in recent times. With a modern glass cockpit and digital autopilot now available, the 150 knot DA40 XLS has a 720 nm range at 75% power, burning all of 10GPH -- and can easily handle 20 kt crosswinds […] Delightful handling, excellent low-speed manners, phenomenal crash-worthiness […], incredible visibility, and lovely styling make the DA40 XLS a winner...”

The DA40 XLS is the American version of the DA40, instead of Austro Engine’s AE300 it is powered by a Lycoming engine.

According to ANN it is not the aircraft alone but also the company Diamond Aircraft that makes this plane special among its competitors: “Diamond Aircraft is one of the few companies that we can say we trust [...] and that's a comforting thought when you're loading up yourself and three people you care about for a day of committing aviation.”

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