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Eight Diamond Aircraft planes for Australian International Aviation College

Australian International Aviation College (AIAC) has introduced eight new additions to their existing Diamond Aircraft fleet of DA20 C1 and DA40 CS aircraft. With the introduction of two twin engine DA42-VI and six single engine DA40 NG, both Austro Engine jet-fuel piston engine-powered, AIAC is now utilizing Diamond Aircraft exclusively in their training fleet.

After careful consideration in renewing their training fleet, looking at aircraft produced by numerous other manufacturers, AIAC considered Diamond Aircraft to be the best choice for their operation. The planes comply with all requirements of the flight school: current technology design and manufacturing materials, a maintenance system developed for commercial operations and high utilization, an aircraft family that offers the possibility of integrated training from ab-initio through to commercial pilot and advanced multi-engine as well as instrument rating, durability for intensive flight training operations, current technology cockpit systems, a fuel-saving power plant, ergonomics, and safety.

Kevin J. McMurtrie, Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor, Australian International Aviation College: “We are really impressed with our new Jet-A1 powered DA42-VI’s and DA40 NG’s. They are providing us with excellent reliability and are an excellent platform for our training. We expect fuel consumption reductions over our AvGas powered fleet of 32% for our single-engine aircraft and 55% for the multi-engine fleet. Well done to you guys for producing such great products.”

Amila Karagic, Sales Director Civil Aircraft Sales at Diamond Aircraft Industries (Austria) added: “We are happy to see that the AIAC Diamond fleet is growing and that they decided to expand their fleet with the Jet-A1 DA40 NG and DA42-VI. AIAC will have huge advantages due of the economical consumption of the engines and the latest developments of the airframes.”

“Hawker Pacific is proud to be part of the growth of the Australian International Aviation College (AIAC) in Port Macquarie. We are delighted with their recent purchase of a fleet of six new Diamond DA40 NG and two new Diamond DA42-VI aircraft. We have been working with AIAC since 2012 and look forward to continuing our strong association with the team at AIAC on future projects” said Nick Jones, Vice President Aircraft Sales Group, Hawker Pacific.

Diamond Aircraft offers flight training organizations a full range of modern, safe, efficient and reliable single and twin engine aircraft, along with high fidelity Diamond Simulation flight training devices, and corresponding maintenance and pilot training.

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