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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Selects Diamond Aircraft DA42 Fleet

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has selected the AUSTRO ENGINE jet-fuel piston engine-powered Diamond Aircraft DA42-VI to provide multiengine training at its Daytona Beach, Florida campus.

Delivery of the fleet of 10 aircraft will start April 2016 with all aircraft scheduled to be in place prior to the start of the Fall 2016 semester. Compared to conventional powered twins, the fleet of 10 aircraft is expected to generate more than $3 million in fuel savings alone, over the next eight years.

The DA42-VI is the newest version of Diamond’s technology leading light piston twin, the first certified general aviation piston aircraft to combine modern technology airframe, avionics and powerplants. Nearly 1,000 DA42’s have been delivered since its introduction 10 years ago, outselling all other certified piston twins combined.

The all-carbon composite DA42’s are equipped with efficient, clean and reliable turbo-diesel AUSTRO engines, Garmin G1000 with 3-axis Automatic Flight Control System and optional electrically driven air conditioning. “We are proud of our long standing relationship with Embry-Riddle and commend them on their vision regarding new technologies,” said Peter Maurer, President and CEO of Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. (Canada). “These aircraft are expected to be in operation at Embry-Riddle through 2024 and as such it was of particular importance for the university to consider the advanced technology offered by Diamond. The sophistication and advanced technology of the DA42 commands a higher retail price than conventional flight training twins; however it is the total cost of ownership, especially the incredible fuel cost savings, which is the deciding factor. We are particularly proud of the exemplary safety record that the DA42 has accumulated in North America.”

Embry-Riddle has the largest suite of DA-42 of any flight training institute of higher education in the United States and Canada. The university’s Daytona Beach campus had the benefit of being able to scrutinize the operational experience of the fleet of DA42’s operating at its other residential campus that offers flight training in Prescott, Arizona, where the average fuel burn of only 10.4 gph of jet fuel and superior high density altitude performance have made them the favourite. The Prescott campus continues utilizing its existing four DA42’s as part of its training fleet.

“Our strong relationship with Diamond within both of our flight programs at our Daytona Beach and Prescott campuses combined with the advanced technology, a shared commitment to being environmentally responsible and the simple fact that our students love flying them makes this an exciting step forward for our university,” said Ken Byrnes, Chair of the Flight Department at Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach campus. “The completely modernized aerodynamics, airframe, jetfuel piston engines and glass cockpit appeal to the students, while the low-noise signature and eco-friendly design and functionality are important not only to the university, but our local community.”

The entire Diamond range is distributed and supported in the USA and Canada by Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. (Canada) at <link http:>

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