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Face Masks for local merchants

Diamond Aircraft, headquartered in Wiener Neustadt (Austria), supports local merchants with a donation of face masks.

Wearing face masks in Austrian shops is mandatory for staff and customers due to the current coronavirus situation. Shop owners must equip their employees accordingly and some of them offer masks as a service to their customers. Hence, the demand of face masks is very high.

Liqun (Frank) Zhang, CEO Diamond Aircraft Industries Austria: "Supporting the local economy and community has always been one of our priorities. Therefore, we are very happy – especially in these times - to be able to help the local merchants, their staff and the visitors of Wiener Neustadt.”

Klaus Schneeberger, Mayor of Wiener Neustadt: "Thank you very much, Liqun Zhang and Diamond Aircraft for the mask donation! Especially in these times solidarity is a top priority. Initiatives like this perfectly show that the value of team spirit is high in Wiener Neustadt. With the distribution of these masks in downtown Wiener Neustadt we are able to help not only our merchants but also the employees and customers.”

Judith Hönig, Head of businessmen’s association Wiener Neustadt, accepted the face masks in downtown Wiener Neustadt and will distribute them to the local merchants over the next few days.

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