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First DA50 RG delivered to the UK

Gemstone Aviation, Diamond Aircraft distributor for UK, has recently received their brand-new DA50 RG demonstrator.

“Gemstone Aviation showed the new Diamond DA50 RG at the Private Flyer event at Leeds East Airport Friday 6 August. This was the first public showing of the DA50 RG in the UK, and we are delighted to say that it attracted a large number of potential customers,” said Henrik Burkal, Director at Gemstone Aviation. “The launch of a brand-new aircraft design is a very rare and exciting event, and together with Diamond we will continue with our promotion of this new exciting, unique and environmentally friendly aircraft. The 5-seat DA50 RG fits well into the UK market, and with a maximum takeoff weight under 2,000 kg it weighs in just under the threshold for paying Eurocontrol charges. This will give the DA50 RG the lowest operating costs in its class.”

“We congratulate Gemstone Aviation on their recent Diamond Aircraft addition and are excited to see the very first DA50 RG flying in the UK,” said Amila Spiegel, Director Global Marketing at Diamond Aircraft Austria. “Together with our partners from Gemstone Aviation, we are looking forward to present this magnificent aircraft to an eagerly waiting UK market.”

The DA50 RG with its superb new livery will be on display in the UK again at the Private Flyer event at Wycombe Air Park 17 – 18  September 2021. More information can be found on Diamond Aircraft’s ‘DA50 RG on Tour’ page.

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