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First Diamond Aircraft plane delivered to Algeria

Recently established flight institute Aviation Training School (ATS), a company of Red Med Group, located in Hassi Messaoud (Algeria), decided to start its business with a DA40 NG from Diamond Aircraft with option for further expansion in 2015. This is the very first Diamond Aircraft plane operated in Algeria.

Unbeatable efficiency and safety, state-of-the-art avionics and outstanding flight characteristics made ATS choose a DA40 NG for the flourishing Algerian General Aviation market.

The aircraft took off in Wiener Neustadt, Austria (Diamond Aircraft headquarters) to Malta where it was handed over to the Algerian pilots. The following day the DA40 NG landed at its final destination Hassi Messaoud. The ferry pilots flew the distance of 1,747 nm (3,235.4 km) in 14 hours while burning only 6.5 USGal/hour on average, following this route: Wr. Neustadt, Austria – Bari, Italy – Valetta, Malta – Algiers, Algeria - Hassi Messaoud, Algeria.

ATS representative Mr. Mamma said: “I was honored to experience my first flight in the Diamond DA40 New Generation. My first feeling is the aircraft was very smooth during the flight. I would say that this aircraft is excellent and nice for the training as it offers a comfort, panoramic visibility and the powerful Garmin G1000 that provides a pilot with helpful information which is combined with solid performance.”

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