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GeoFly places order for two DA62 SurveyStar

GeoFly and Diamond Aircraft Industries recently signed a contract for two DA62 SurveyStar in addition to the one that has been in operation since February 2021.

One year and 400 flight hours of successful operation, made GeoFly decide to add two more DA62 SurveyStar that will also replace some of the turboprop assets of their fleet.

The wide speed range between 90 – 195 kts, allows for a very versatile utilization of the aircraft. It can be used for low and slow missions, that are normally flown by piston airplanes, but also for high and faster missions that may be flown by turbine powered platforms. The DA62 SurveyStar performs all missions more cost efficient and environmentally friendly in terms of emissions and noise (see comparison charts).

“Having GeoFly as the launch customer for the SurveyStar turned out to be a great success story. As a launch customer, their operational feedback could be implemented on their new survey aircraft. Designed as a dedicated aerial survey platform from the very beginning, the aircraft has now become an even better workhorse for the industry. Buying a factory new airplane is usually uncommon for most aerial survey companies. So, the decision of the launch customer to expand their DA62 SurveyStar fleet within only one year is the best proof for the value of this aircraft,” said Mario Spiegel, Sales Manager, Special Mission Aircraft Division at Diamond Aircraft Austria.

Aicke Damrau, Managing Director GeoFly said: “With the DA62 SurveyStar we have added an extremely versatile and flexible aircraft to our fleet. Based on the experience of one year of very successful operation with our existing DA62 SurveyStar, the decision to buy two more of the same type was very well-grounded. Especially in times of limited raw materials and climate change this aircraft is a big step in the right direction.”

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