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Made in Austria: Intelligent Vision Technologies for Aviation Safety & Security

In close cooperation, experts of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH, have developed an intelligent sensor system enabling aircraft to detect and avoid potential obstacles both in the air and on the ground. This innovative airborne assistance system is an important step towards improving the safety of manned and unmanned flight.

Collision avoidance systems are a key technology for future unmanned aerial systems and advanced air traffic services. The objective is to increase the safety of manned and future unmanned aviation by detecting possible collisions with both cooperative and non-cooperative obstacles, and performing avoidance maneuvers as a last resort to avoid collisions. Obstacle avoidance is the key technology in missions involving the highest possible degree of autonomy, e.g. for generating situation maps for crisis and disaster management.

Experts at AIT have taken an innovative vision-based approach, enabling future unmanned aerial systems to observe and understand their environment in real-time. This approach goes beyond the state-of-the-art, making use of novel sensing techniques and route planning strategies for collision avoidance. The technology is capable of detecting both cooperative and non-cooperative objects in the airspace by fusing passive electro-optical and thermal-infrared sensor data. The technology was integrated in a Diamond Aircraft DA42 MPP and demonstrated in relevant scenarios.

Diamond Aircraft has used the test results to assess potential applications for this technology as an innovative and effective safety-improving feature both for unmanned flying objects and manned aviation. One option would be to integrate the technology into an autonomous flight control system similar to the one developed during a recent Diamond Aircraft project which, in 2015, successfully demonstrated safe autonomous flying for manned aircraft in emergency situations, including completely automated landing. Another possible use could be sensorial integration into conventional manned aircraft, to increase situational awareness and prevent collisions with airborne or ground obstacles. This would offer an additional and more reliable pair of artificial “eyes” able to generate potentially life-saving collision avoidance advisories.

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Picture Copyright: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

About AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria's largest application-oriented research institute and focuses on the key infrastructure topics of the future. The Digital Safety & Security Department has established a reputation for innovative safety & security solutions based on high-performance image processing – Intelligent Vision Systems – at international technological and scientific level. Working together with major players in industry, science and public administration, over 100 experts carry out research and development in key technology areas including multi-camera networks, 3D image processing and optical quality inspection. The Digital Safety and Security Department maintains successful strategic collaborations and partnerships with major organisations from industry and science in the field of image processing and machine vision. The sensor technology presented here can also be applied to develop autonomous rail and road vehicles, as well as special vehicles used in construction and agriculture. More information: <link http:>, <link http: airborne>

About Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH
Diamond Aircraft produces a full range of high quality, certified, all composite aircraft including the 2-seat DA20, the 4-seat DA40, 4-seat twin engine DA42 and 5/7-seat twin engine DA62, as well as type-specific flight training simulators, the DA42 MPP (Multi-Purpose Platform), a remote sensing turnkey solution, and the 2-seat aerobatic turboprop trainer DART 450. The company uses proprietary, lead-free jet fuel piston engines made by Austro Engine GmbH of Austria for the DA40, DA42 and DA62. Diamond applies modern technologies to achieve high fuel efficiency, low noise, excellent performance and safety. Our aircraft are flown by private pilots, professional flight training operators and institutions worldwide. For more information about Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH go to: <link http:>

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