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Maiden flight of the new DA52 from Diamond Aircraft

The DA52 is the newest twin engine airplane from Diamond Aircraft powered by two Austro Engine 180 hp turbo-diesel engines, AE300E.

The maiden flight was performed by Christian Dries (Chairman) and Ingmar Mayerbuch (Head of Flight Test).

Our DA52 is designed to carry up to seven people. At 02:30 local time Wiener Neustadt take off was performed with a gross weight of 1,780 kg. With five knots headwind the take off roll was less than 300 m without flaps. Landing gear was retracted and initial climb rate stabilized at 1,700 fpm. The new flagship of Diamond continued its climb to 12,000 ft in less than nine minutes with 120 kts (IAS). Cruising speed was gradually increased to 190 kts (TAS) which was the limit of the authorized envelope, but we may see a lot more. No abnormalities occurred during the one hour flight test.

Christian Dries after the flight: “This is the best prototype aircraft I have ever made a maiden flight with and the performance exceeded all my expectations. I’m very proud of my team headed by Managing Director Manfred Zipper who realized this program in less than six months.”

<link internal-link>Watch the DA52 maiden flight video.Contact:
Anita Lentsch, BA

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