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Project Aerophobia: Mentalist Manuel Horeth at Diamond Aircraft

Popular Austrian mentalist Manuel Horeth helped a man (Udo Hunstorfer) to fulfil his dream of flying after years of aerophobia, for Austrian’s television morning magazine „Café Puls”.

As there was a need for the right aircraft, Diamond Aircraft was asked to support the project. The company’s aircraft are verifiably the safest in their class. This is because of their ultramodern safety avionics, also used in big airliners, the unique mono cockpit made out of light and at the same time very strong composite materials, also known from Formula 1, and an ingenious fuel system protection.

These arguments along with Manuel Horeth’s incredible abilities helped Udo Hunstorfer to overcome his fear of flying and to finally take off in a Diamond DA42-VI.

The project, filmed on Diamond Aircraft’s premises in Wiener Neustadt (Austria), can be watched online:

Anita Lentsch

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