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QinetiQ receives second DA62 MPP special mission platform

QinetiQ GmbH, a provider of airborne special mission operations, based in Mönchengladbach, Germany, recently took delivery of their second brand-new DA62 MPP (Multi Purpose Platform) at Diamond Aircraft’s headquarters in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

Equipped with the newest technology, the DA62 MPP special mission aircraft will support QinetiQ’s delivery of training and reconnaissance missions, thanks to an exceptional period of time that the aircraft will be able to spend in the air.

Christian Bertram, Business Development Manager QinetiQ GmbH, says: “We are very excited to receive the DA62 MPP. In just over 12 months, Diamond Aircraft is providing us with the newest technology in a top of the class aircraft that expands the capabilities of our fleet, by enabling us to deliver a wider spectrum of training and reconnaissance flights to our customers. The aircraft allows us to provide a longer time over target, allowing trainees to achieve their goals in one mission. Also, for reconnaissance flights, we are able to stay longer in the area of interest, increasing the ratio of time over target to the duration needed to reach the area of interest. Additionally, the aircraft operates in a lower speed regime than our current fleet, hence allowing us to simulate other airborne assets, such as Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) for training troops, in areas where RPA flights currently are not allowed, such as in most areas of Germany. The aircraft will support multiple QinetiQ GmbH contracts, such as the Airborne Training Services for the German Armed Forces, which aim to deliver realistic aerial targeting and training for frontline troops.”

“QinetiQ is a trusted provider of airborne special mission operations and technical solutions for customers such as German Armed Forces and the US Armed Forces. We are honored that they have chosen our state-of-the-art DA62 MPP special mission aircraft to further develop their airborne services,” says Mario Spiegel, Sales Manager Special Mission Aircraft Division Diamond Aircraft Austria. “With its unprecedented economics and outstanding safety characteristics, the DA62 MPP is extremely capable for our client’s operations and we are looking forward to further support them in the future.”

About the DA62 MPP

The DA62 MPP is the latest variant of Diamond Aircraft’s successful Special Mission Aircraft portfolio. The all-carbon-fibre, twin-engine aircraft is equipped with a state-of-the-art glass cockpit and a fully integrated autopilot. It is powered by two turbo charged jet-fuel engines which enable the aircraft to stay airborne for up to eight hours due to their superb fuel efficiency. The carbon fibre material provides for unlimited airframe life and is not subject to corrosion, even when operated in saline and humid environments. Together, fuel efficiency and the unlimited airframe life combine for extremely low direct operating costs, making the DA62 MPP the most cost-efficient Special Mission Aircraft in its class. To learn more about the DA62 MPP capabilities, please visit:

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