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Saudi Aviation Flight Academy (SAFA) has signed a fleet purchase for 20 Diamond aircraft and 12 flight training devices

Diamond aircraft, in cooperation with its regional distributor AMH, has signed the agreement with SAFA.In the future pilot trainees of SAFA will conduct their flight training utilizing aircraft that excite pilots and flight schools all over the world: the Diamond DA42NG and DA40NG.As a joint venture between the Saudi Aviation Club and the Private Sector, the Saudi Aviation Flight Academy, headquartered at the Thumamah Airport, 15 miles north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has placed a fleet purchase for the new generation of DA42 and DA40 aircraft to equip the entire flight school. Additionally, to enhance their training effectiveness, SAFA decided to purchase five Diamond FAA Level 6 and seven FAA Level 5 flight training devices based on the Diamond aircraft and designed for basic and advanced pilot training.

According to William Roe, SAFA’s Managing Director,“SAFA’s purchase decision was based on an exhaustive study of numerous aircraft and FSTD manufacturers. This due diligence process considered the suitability for SAFA’s training curriculum, acquisition and operating costs, maintainability/supportability, performance, professional experience, manufacturer visits and test flights, along with consulting current operators.”

Christian Dries, CEO Diamond Aircraft Industries, is delighted that SAFA has chosen Diamond to support it’s mission: “Diamond is proud to equip SAFA with a complete training fleet of Diamond products, and SAFA has confirmed Diamond’s strategy of offering a complete integrated training product, ranging from single-engine basic trainer aircraft to advanced multi-engine trainer aircraft, and flight training devices. Additionally, this will be a premiere Diamond fleet equipped with the new Austro Engine AE300 powerplant. We are convinced, that SAFA will provide the highest quality pilots to the airliner, business aviation and private markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all of them completely trained on Diamond training equipment.”

Diamond Aircraft Industries has equipped its DA42 and DA40 with a new Diesel-power plant: the AE300, developed and manufactured by Austro Engine (a Diamond’s subsidiary). The 170hp turbo diesel piston is running on Jet A1 fuel with a EECU controlled actuator, a conventional constant speed propeller governor, a high mounted turbocharger, a torsional vibration absorber and a heavy duty reduction gearbox. The AE300 sets a new standard in aviation engines; it represents fuel independence, lower operating costs, lower fuel consumption with an increase of comfort, power and performance.

All aircraft and devices will be delivered with the Garmin GFC700 autopilot with flight director, yaw damper and flight level change modes that reduces the pilot’s work tremendously.

Saudi Aviation Flight Academy has partnered with Saudi Aviation Club to provide high quality flight training to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the new generation of Saudi pilots. SAFA’s mission is to “Fuel the growth of aviation in the Kingdom by providing a world-class center of excellence for pilot training. SAFA will use technically advanced aircraft and the extensive use of simulation to deliver a curriculum that focuses on superior airmanship and combating human factors related accidents/incidents.

The Academy will train cadet pilots destined to work in the Kingdom’s booming aviation sector as well as non-commercially oriented individuals.  The Academy will occupy a new 50,000 square meter purpose-built campus, facilities which include all training, residential housing, recreational, and administrative functions. The program will utilize an approved curriculum to deliver training from zero-time to a commercial pilot certificate with a multi-engine class rating. For more information please visit:
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