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SD Aviation takes delivery of second DA62

French company SD Aviation, based in La Roche Sur Yon, took delivery of its second jetfuel powered DA62 at Diamond Aircraft’s headquarters in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. The aircraft will be part of SD Aviation’s Shared Aircraft Ownership Program.

Sébastien Dubreuil, CEO of SD Aviation: “We are very happy with our new DA62 and our members, too. With the state-of-the-art technology, more space, more seats and really great comfort with five people on board, the DA62 also has a great cruising speed compared to the DA42-VI with just a little more fuel consumption. We have been waiting a long time for such an airplane that enables us to grow our business. We plan to enter a third airplane by the end of the year and hope to order more in the near future.”

„SD Aviation is the first customer using the DA62 for transportation purposes and we are happy to see them growing with Diamond products. We are convinced that with the DA62, SD Aviation has chosen the most modern and most economical transportation plane in its class. SD Aviation has inspired many other potential operators and we are sure that this concept will be repeated soon in other markets,” said Amila Karagic, Sales Director Civil Aircraft Sales at Diamond Aircraft Industries.

Pierre Pelletier, CEO of ATA (Diamond Aircraft distributor for France): “Like all Diamond aiplanes, the DA62 shines because it is the aircraft of superlatives. Once again, Diamond Aircraft impresses us by changing the aviation. The plane is a real success in France, many already recorded orders, many positive contacts, we are really confident for the future with the DA62. SD AVIATION is now our most important DA62 customer, their concept is innovative, and the aircraft lends itself perfectly to this one. A huge thank you to the whole team of SD AVIATION and especially to Sébastien for their trust.”

The DA62 fills a gap in the market that ranges from high performance single pistons to entry level turboprops. With an unrivalled combination of performance, economy, safety, range, payload, and the latest in avionics, it is perfect for charter and corporate flight departments wanting to complement their larger aircraft with a low cost alternative for shorter trips.

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