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The future of General Aviation in China and southeast Asia

Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH has entered into a Joint Venture to manufacture the DA 40 aircraft in China under the company name ‘Shandong Bin Ao Aircraft Industries Co., Ltd.’ This is the first Joint Venture in General Aviation worldwide which will produce complete aircraft under EASA and CAAC Production Organisation Approval in China.

The need of aircraft for airline pilot training and personal transportation (taxi flights) in China and Southeast Asia was an important consideration for Diamond to step into an aircraft manufacturing Joint Venture Shandong BinAo Aircraft Industries Co., Ltd.

The new production facility is located at the airport in Binzhou Dagao, in the Shandong province, approximately 350 kilometres south-east of Beijing. The total area of the leased premises at the General Aviation airfield is more than 30,000 square meters.

In the first year 2007 the planned production volume will be approximately 150 aircraft with a further ramp-up in the following years according to the demand of the region. The maximum production capacity is 1,000 aircraft per annum (in three work shifts) and the quality system for the new manufacturing facility is a mirror image of the EASA approved quality system of Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH.
Key personnel from both current Diamond Aircraft manufacturing facilities (Austria and Canada) have been selected as the responsible managers and initial certifying staff for the China manufacturing facility. Furthermore a comprehensive training program has begun to train the Chinese personnel in all aspects of production, quality assurance, inspection, and testing of the DA 40 aircraft. The training takes place at both Diamond Aircraft manufacturing facilities (Austria and Canada).

The grand opening of the Shandong BinAo Aircraft Industries Co., Ltd. in Binzhou Dagao Hi-Tec Development Zone will take place on November 26th, 2006. Today there are already 56 Diamond DA40 and DA42 flying at Beijing PanAm International Aviation Academy in the sky of China.

Diamond Aircraft is continuously discussing fleet sales with most of the
flight training organisations in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Diamond Aircraft is confident that this discussion will lead to major fleet sales in the region.

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About Diamond Aircraft Industries Diamond Aircraft Industries is a worldwide operating composite aircraft manufacturer with offices in major centers across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. There are two production facilities: one located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, where head office, research and development operations are conducted, and one in London, Ontario, Canada. At both facilities innovative aircraft solutions, of the highest level and quality are produced for flight schools and private operators.


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