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Three Diamond DA42 TDI Twin Stars delivered to China

Wiener Neustadt, Austria – September 29, 2005

Diamond Aircraft delivered the first three DA42 turbo diesel powered Twin Star aircraft of a 19 aircraft order to Beijing Panam International Aviation Academy (BPA). The new twin engine aircraft join BPA’s existing fleet of 18 single-engine Diamond DA40’s used in BPA’s Airline cadet training program. Additional DA40 and DA42 deliveries to BPA take place this year and continue on a regular basis through 2007 when the BPA fleet will number a total of 60 Diamond aircraft.

The DA42 deliveries mark a significant milestone for both BPA and Diamond in their joint commitment to make the newest technology and most advanced general aviation aircraft available in China. The DA42’s are the first diesel powered aircraft to be certified by the CAAC. With an all-glass Garmin G1000 equipped fleet of single engine, turbo-diesel powered twins, and Diamond-specific glass cockpit Flight Training Devices manufactured by Diamond-Elite Simulation, BPA's Airline cadet flight training operation is the most advanced of its kind in the world.

The DA42 delivery flight to China, flown by Diamond pilots Helmut Hager, Clemens Svatos and Othmar Nentwich, began on September 24, 2005 departing from Diamond’s Austrian factory, arriving in Beijing, China on September 28, 2005. The route of flight led across Russia (Moscow, Ektarinenburg, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk) to Beijing over a distance of 4,451 nm (8,243 km). Total fuel used was 1,129 liters (of 298.21 US gal) of JET A1 for each aircraft.

During the 30 hour and 22 minute total flight time, the average two engine fuel consumption was only 37 liters (9.8 US gal) per hour corresponding to 18.5 litres (4.9 US gal) per engine. Each leg was flown between 9,000 and 15,000 ft ASL with an average ground speed of 147 kts (272 km/h). The total fuel cost for the whole route of flight amounted to less than EURO 400 (US$ 480).

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Wiener Neustadt (Austria) -
Moskau (Russland)



1.038 NM


254,11 l
(67,13 USgal)

Moskau (Russland) -



810 NM

5:48215,16 l
(56,84 USgal)

Ekatharinenburg(Russland) -Novosibirsk (Russland)



776 NM

5:33205,89 l
(54,39 USgal)
Novosibirsk (Russland) – Irkutsk (Russland)09/27/05


856 NM

5:51217,02 l
(57,33 USgal)
Irkutsk (Russland) – Zhengding ( China )09/28/05


971 NM


236,66 l
(62,52 USgal)


4.451 NM (8.243.25 km)


Average groundspeed 

146 kts
Average fuel consumption

Ø 18.55 lt (4,9 US gal/hr/engine)

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