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Turbo diesel powered Diamond Star is economy performance and leader

Wiener Neustadt, September 23th, 2005

In a recent flight demonstration to Ethiopian Airlines (EA) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia , Diamond‘s turbo diesel powered DA40 TDI validated its impressive economy and performance claims.
The ferry trip from Austria to Ethiopia and return covered a total of 5,902 nm with a total fuel consumption of 257 US gallons (1,010 liters) . Over the 51 hours of total flight time, average fuel consumption was 5.0 US gallons per hour (19.9 liters / hr) . All flights were flown at altitudes between 10,000 and 14, 000 ASL
The rate of climb and other performance values were of particular concern to the Ethiopian officials due to the high altitude and these were tested under various loads. At an empty weight of 1,818.8 lb. (825 kg), fuel weight of 176.37 lb. (80 kg), and pilot weight of 440.92 lb. (200 kg) for a total of 2,436.1 lb. (1.105 kg), the average rate of climb was 500 ft./min., Engine power available at a density altitude of 10,000 ft. ASL was between 91 and 94% during take-off and 86 to 88% at a density altitude of 13,500 ft ASL. The pilots and flight instructors from Ethiopian Air Lines (EAL), were thrilled with all the features and performance of the DA40 TDI.
Price differences between AVGAS and JetA1 are particularly significant in this part of Africa . (AVGAS costs € 1.22 per liter (US$ 3.88 per US gal), and Jet A1 only € 0.38 per liter (US$ 1.20 per US gal). AVGAS is only available in sealed barrels, and availability is a constant problem. Every hour with the older aircraft like the Cessna 172 cost the EAL Flight School approx. € 42 (US$ 50) in fuel; in comparison, the DA40 TDI costs only € 8 (US$ 9.60) in fuel per hour. Based on annual utilization of 600 hours per year, the DA40 TDI generates a cost savings of € 21,000 (US$ 25,200) per year per aircraft.

route date destination length duration consumption
outward flight
Klagenfurt (Austria) – Kerkira (Greece)08/27/05LOWK 04:36 – LGKR 08:57500 NM04:2188 l (23.24 US gal)
Kerkira - Iraklion (Greece)08/27/05LGKR 10:05 – LGIR 13:07360 NM03:0270 l (18.49 US gal)
Iraklion – Asyut (Egypt)08/28/05LGIR 02:17– HEAT 07:45604 NM05:28100 l (26.42 US gal)
Asyut – Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)08/28/05HEAT 09:00– OEJN 13:50550 NM04:50100 l (26.42 US gal)
Jeddah – Djibouti08/29/05OEJN 03:13– HDAM 08:57669 NM05:44114 l (30.11 US gal)
Djibouti – Addis Abeba (Ethiopia)08/29/05HDAM 10:13– HAAB 12:46330 NM02:3350 l (13.21 US gal)
return flight
Addis Abeba – Khartoum (Sudan)09/14/05HAAB 03:42– HSSS 08:05539 NM04:2390 l (13.77 US gal)
Khartoum - Luxor (Egypt)09/14/05HSSS 09:24– HELX 14:20648 NM04:54100 l (26.42 US gal)
Luxor – Iraklion09/15/05HELX 04:34 - LGIR 11:37737 NM07:03128 l (33.81 US gal)
Iraklion – Kerkira09/16/05LGIR 04:11 – LGKR 07:32358 NM03:2170 l (18.49 US gal)
Kerkira – Klagenfurt09/16/05LGKR 08:54– LOWK 14:07607 NM05:13100 l (26.42 US gal)
TOTALS 5902 NM50:54:001010 l (257 US gal)
Average groundspeed116 kts
Average fuel consumption19.9 l (5.0 US gal/hr)
In addition to fuel, only 1 liter of oil was needed

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