How To Buy

Thank you for your interest in Diamond Aircraft. If you’re thinking about buying an aircraft, or trying to choose which one is best for you, we are here to help you decide.

When you are ready to buy, we will help you through the process, including selection of the right model, the right equipment, available financing, delivery and training options and much more.

Although we sell our aircraft directly from Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. to our customers, we encourage you to use the services of our local Diamond Authorized Sales Representative who can help arrange demonstration flights, offer advice and sales support, sell or trade your existing airplane, introduce you to other Diamond owners in the area and who best know the local airports, flight schools and maintenance providers.

If no suitable Diamond Authorized Sales Representative is available near you, our factory sales representatives will support you directly. For more information, contact: 1 888 359 3220 or .

Diamond Finance

Diamond Finance offers low competitive rates, efficient and quick service and realistic advice. We know and finance new Diamond Aircraft for private individuals and flight training operators. We also finance Diamond Certified Pre owned and can even get you pre-approved so you are ready to commit when the right aircraft comes along.

For more information visit Diamond Finance