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DA62 MPP US demonstration completed

It was one unrivaled journey, not only for our special mission aircraft flagship DA62 MPP but also for a group of passionate Diamond Aircraft employees from Austria and Canada as well as for our partners. We’ve put together some impressive facts & figures of this exciting US tour for you.

If you are here for a story, you can refer to a wonderful article written by our DA62 MPP US sales partner Air Bear Tactical Aircraft. This piece is for all of you only interested in the bare figures:

Project staff: ~15 people from Diamond Austria and Diamond Canada as well as from our six partners Air Bear Tactical Aircraft, Trakka Systems, Vislink, Haivision, CarteNav, Viewpoint
Working hours: ~ 850 hours were invested in this project (hours for preparation and wrap-up not included)
Start:    21 June 2022 LOAN, Austria (home airport of Diamond Aircraft’s headquarters)
Finish:   01 November 2022 LOAN, Austria
Aircraft:  1 DA62 MPP
Flight crew: 1 pilot, 1 operator
Flights:  144
Total airtime:  162 Hours
Airports visited: 59
Distance flown:  18,500+ NM
Demonstration flights:  75
Demonstration airtime: 38 Hours
Fuel used: ~2,200 USG JetA1
Ø Consumption:  13.6 USG/hr
Media articles:  uncountable

Fantastic four months with fantastic people and an outstanding special mission aircraft outfitted with state-of-the-art mission equipment.

We would like to thank all our partners who contributed massively to this successful demonstration tour! We are looking forward to more sensational projects in the years to come.

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